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£4 per kg

How many clothes per kg?

It may sound confusing but we believe this is the most simple way to provide a fair cost for both you and us.

Other companies will list individual prices for every garment and expect you to tally up the total number of shirts, blouses, childrens tops etc.??

Won't your load of ironing differ from week to week?

ADULT SHIRT = £1.10         ?

ADULT BLOUSE = £0.80     ?

CHILDS T SHIRT = £0.50     ?

 JEANS = £1.25

 JACKET = £ 2.00


We simply say put all your items in a laundry bag and we will weigh it in front of  you!

We write you a recipt and you pay on delivery.

£4 a kilogram ( 2.2 pounds in old English ) will work out at 75p per adult shirt. Or £1 for heavier items such as jeans. Bed sheets and duvets will be a few £'s each. Just think to yourself, the bigger and heavier the items, the longer it will take to iron, the more it will cost. A bag full of childrens clothes will be far cheaper, costing 30p-50p an item.


Which believe this is a competitive price compared to other companies we have come across, just with out the hassle of testing your maths....

We estimate a typical family of four generating a load of 3 kg to 4 kg per week.

This means £12 to £16 for all your clothes professionaly ironed and hanging in your wardrobe ready to wear.

Work wear, formal shirts, school uniforms , weekend casuals, even your comfy's .We will take care of it all !

FREE collection and delivery within a 3 mile radius . . .

Payment requested on delivery. Cash is appreciated but we except all forms of debit and credit card via our portable PAYPAL card reader.

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